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“SGMP Live Streaming One-Day Workshop”
held every-weekends covers the latest live streaming techniques.

Our workshop aims to train you to become a live streaming guru over Facebook and YouTube with compelling visual impact of your streaming contents.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to create your own life style of communication with your beloved one or your business friends.

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Explore the essence of media production.

Mr. Clifford Ng: A seasoned professional in the Singapore media industry

Clifford Ng is a veteran media practitioner in the industry, with years of experience as an executive producer, creative producer, director for television and radio. He is skilled in creating creative content and visual storytelling, and has gained widespread recognition and acclaim in the industry for his expertise and innovative approach. He constantly explores and integrates various production skills from traditional and new media, bringing fresh surprises to his work.

Additionally, Clifford Ng is also a renowned voice actor, highly regarded in the industry, having provided voice overs for multiple well-known brands and advertisements. By studying at the media school SGMP founded by Clifford Ng, you will gain top-notch media production skills and knowledge, gradually becoming a standout talent in the competitive media industry.

SGMP: Enhance your media production skills and reach higher levels.

SGMP, founded by Clifford Ng, offers high-quality training courses aimed at helping individuals enhance their media production skills. Since its establishment in 2015, SGMP has provided training to over 1000 professionals from various industries, including producers, directors, researchers, and scriptwriters. With Clifford Ng's accumulated experience in different productions and SGMP's training of numerous media practitioners from diverse backgrounds, SGMP's media courses are highly suitable for those who wish to improve their media content creation abilities.

SGMP Singapore: An exceptional training program to enhance media production capabilities.

We highly commend the efforts and achievements made by Singapore in raising the standards of media production. If you wish to enhance your knowledge and skills in the field of media production, especially in the thriving area of live workshops, SGMP's training program is an excellent choice.

Furthermore, regardless of your industry or level of expertise, we can design a personalized training program for you. Through SGMP's media training program, you can stay ahead in multimedia promotion. Enroll in any of our courses that suit you or feel free to contact us anytime.

Striving to improve the quality of media production in Singapore

Striving to improve the quality of media production in Singapore
We are committed to enhancing the production capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and local media professionals in Singapore.

We believe that through the integration and interaction of various businesses and specialties, SGMP will continue to lead the way in providing efficient production and promotional platforms for businesses, leveraging the powerful influence of media to deliver innovative media services.

Thank you for your support and recognition of our efforts.

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